Well, what can I say? The Jericho is an interesting small venue in Oxford, it’s the upstairs of a pub. We arrived early and decided to have some dinner first and things were looking promising. I had been looking forward to seeing Danny and the Champions of the World the headliners of the evening, last time I’d stumbled upon them, I really liked them, they were supporting The Magic Numbers at Shepherds Bush. Also the support Marcus Bonfanti, looked very promising. With dinner polished off we made our way upstairs, got our hand stamped and in we went.

Strange little place, L-shaped, with a tiny stage right at the far end. We had a look at the merchandise and I decided to buy one of their t-shirts, I like that it had only the name written across the top. We took up position near the front, my rightful place….people were busy doing things, checking instruments and lights. As it was time to start a young girl took the stage…..what? Where was Marcus? She explained that there has been a change to the support, but gave no reason to why, and that she was roped in to being the support. It was just her and her guitar. I don’t like many female voices, and sadly hers was one of them, I found it quite painful….she was funny though; in between songs she did some real good banter, but it’s probably worth noting that her name has escaped me. When she came off the stage people got busy again to rearrange the instruments, I did wonder how they are going to fit Danny and his Champions onto the stage, it was tiny. More people had arrived as well, so as everybody etched forward we were more or less in front of the stage. I felt really excited to hearing them again. Eventually they squeezed onto the stage and started their set. All I can say is disappointment set in straight away, they just didn’t sound like I remember, maybe it was the small stage and rubbish sound….I gave them a chance! A few songs later I still couldn’t get into it, it just didn’t do it for me. I also found Danny quite arrogant and that is never a good trait in an artist.

We stuck it out to the end, but left straight away feeling quite deflated. I didn’t even pick up a set list. I’m sorry to say Danny, I will not make an effort in the future to see you and will give the CD a miss.


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

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