Wooohooo….day two Of Snow Patrol in London……I’m already regretting not finding the money for tomorrows ticket….ohhhhhh, I should have bought one! Today Alice and I are planning to join the queue at Entrance F, we are going to be at the barriers, there is no other option. we agree that whoever gets there first holds the fort and starts queuing. I did plan to leave at 10am to get there just before midday. …but, London Transport had other ideas, no Metropolitan or Chiltern line…..noooooo! I panic for about 10 minutes, come up with all sorts of ideas and decide in the end to dig my car out of the snow and ice and hope and pray it will start. I will drive to Burnt Oak station and take the Northern Line, that should work!! I tell Robyn to do the same , Vicky and her are coming a bit later. Fruxi (that is my car) is doing me proud, started with no problems, he is probably glad to get a run! Yes, I know, I’m talking to my car….but he likes it you know
😉 !

Eventually, an hour later than planned I arrive at the O2, the usual handful of Snow Patrollers are already there, it’s a bit like coming home, you know most of the people and they seem pleased to see you….I take position next to Leah (the wolfs hat girl….all will become clear later). It is so cold on that floor, I now wish my “plan A ” had worked out, I was going to walk to Amersham station, pick up a blanket at a charity shop which I than would have left behind. But, best laid plans and all that! I text Alice to say I’m in position, I call Nigel who is joining me today, to say I’m here and could he please bring a blanket….he said he will, yay, hurry up Nigel. Now let’s join in with the girls discussions….lol, not sure I should mention all that is said here. One question going round was “did or didn’t Gary wear underwear yesterday”, yes I know, don’t let a bunch of girls talk about their favourite boys….mind you, the opinions were split if I remember rightly (I couldn’t possibly comment, wasn’t close enough to Gary), but we all agree that he was showing off his fluffy tummy…! Gary, should you ever read this please comment and enlighten us!! With Tanja being there the conversation goes seamlessly over to Pablo, she does like him a lot….funny enough the queue is in the right order: the first few want to be in front of Pablo, the middle (me included) planning to be in front of Gary and Nathan gets the third lot, perfect order….:-). Leah is busy making a sign for Gary “wear my hat”, she is the wolf-hat girl, at the Forum last October she had a picture taken with Gary wearing her hat!! So that’s why!! Tanja and the other girls are busy making a card for the band to say thank you for doing the “oh oh oh” yesterday….awwww!! They are planning to give it to Kelsey, SP’s road Tech. Finally Nigel arrives, with a blanket, yes, that is better…..a little bit of a barrier to sit “..♪♫… down on the cold ground..♫” (yes, name the song this bit of lyric comes from), …and a few minutes after a text from Alice: nearly there, coffee and cake? Oh, yes please, that lemon cake from Starbucks is rather tasty, and a cup of hot water please, for Leah to warm up her hands. More Snow Patrole-letts arrive, Debbie, Anna just to name a couple, you can feel how the energy increases and excitements builds. Robyn and Vicky have arrived now too, but I’m not even trying to get them to join us, it’s not fair to the people that have been here for hours. But these two lovely girls are fine with that! Alice And I decide to go toilet and warmth hunting, Nigel just came back from his “finding food” mission, so he will hold our place. My lovely two girls would like a Nando Wrap, so we will get them for them. How nice and warm is it in Nandos, luckily we have to wait 15 minutes…bliss…never thought I would say that about a wait..lol! Right, we are back in the queue, ready for the last hour of waiting, somehow it doesn’t feel quite so cold now. There is movement, the security guards appear, yay, they are giving us our wristbands. Eventually they let us in, we are first in, you must hold up your arm so they can see your wristband….and you keep hearing “don’t run”…..somebody should really film the fast walking race from the doors to the barriers in front of the stage. Leah is very very fast, that is youth for you, she get’s to the centre front first, Alice, Nigel and I are not far behind. YES, we are at the barrier, right in front of Gary, Robyn and Vicky aren’t far behind, only a couple of rows. This is it, we are not moving from here, but wait another hour until something happens. Time goes quickly now and the first support act, A Plastic Rose, appears, I have never heard from them, so let’s be blown away. And blown away I get, what an amazing band, I totally love them, good voices, great stage presents …amazing show. I do love the fact front man Gerry (I think that’s the right name) is wearing a Snow Patrol tour t-shirt, he is brilliant, talented, nice and eye candy…..they will go far, a mix between the Patrol and hmmm, let’s say the Foo’s…..I want to hear them again, soon, very soon. Next up is Everything Everything again, let’s see if I like them any better today. Pablo’s posy has been practising their song in the queue and want to be really going for it! It may be a case of hearing them a few times before you get into them. There they are, hmmm, same boiler suits, hopefully they have a few and they are not last nights! I look down to my right, a young girl I met in the queue earlier is really enjoying it, she did say she was looking forward to them. All is not lost, but I’m still not sure, they still don’t blow me away, I’m not sure what it is, I’m tapping my feet a little bit but I don’t seem to be able to get into them very much. Sorry boy’s it just isn’t happening for me.

Next up is Snow Patrol, now the tiny little steps come into play, just to contain the excitement….even though there is no hiding it. I look back behind me, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE THERE? I had a little text message exchange with my friend Claire, she is sitting up in the gods….I don’t ever want to do that again. I lean forward to my fellow front rowers, yes, we are all excited! And here we go again, Berlin remix opens the set,…..yes, I still love it, the boys are running onto stage….and “I never let go” is of course the first song. Funny, even though I saw them yesterday, it feels like I hadn’t. It is so much better to be right in the front, I’m so hoping Gary will come out to the barriers today as well, I’m planning to slip one of my badges into his pocket…;-). …”hands open” , love this song, the atmosphere is electric and I’m actually totally oblivious to the thousands of people around me. In between songs we shout at him to read the sign that Leah is holding up, eventually Gary is getting it: ” read the sign, what does it say?….wear my hat..? You want me to wear my hat? Oh, your hat….give it to me” (might not be word for word what he said..but close). The hat gets thrown onto the stage, and Gary looks at it “I said I would, so I am”, he puts it on, the whole O2 breaks out clapping and screaming…..He takes the hat off and puts it on his guitar stand, and that is were Wolf hat stays for the whole concert. At some point Gary was asking if the hat was for him, and he didn’t quite hear us shouting “nooooo”, hopefully it will come back to Leah. The set carries on pretty much in the same order than yesterday, except they slipped in an extra song “make this go on forever”…..Lissie is there to help out with the female vocals again, and she doesn’t disappoint. Nathan get’s some more loving from Gary, and Honey, Gary’s niece, is back for more and get’s another mention. Every now and than Gary is paying attention to wolf-hat, he is on fire tonight! But the one thing we were hoping and waiting for he didn’t do…..he did not come out to the audience, 😦 maybe he got enough pawing yesterday. There goes my great plan of slipping him a badge…..think Stef, think!! Of course, I chuck it at him on stage….easy!!! So that is what I do, and failed miserably, it never went anywhere near Gary, oh well….I will try again in Berlin! The set is coming to an end, the boys go off stage and everybody is shouting and screaming for more….eventually they come back to do their encore. Loving loving loving it!!!! When the final song “just say yes” starts Gary picks up the guitar stand with wolf-hat on it looks at him and starts singing:”…I’m running out of way’s to make you see…..” it is awesome, you just have to love this man!! All too soon it is all over again, he realises the hat has to be returned and throws it back at Leah….she has the biggest smile on her face you have ever seen on a young girl! They say their thank you’s and goodbye’s and it’s all over….:-(.
Again I manage to get a set list, well, Nigel did and he gave it to me, he got a plectrum for himself. Alice did get a set list too, one of the security guards promised her earlier and kept his word. No plectrum for her…so it will have to be my mission to get one for her if she doesn’t manage tomorrow! That unfriendly security guard does his same rude “get out of here” thing again…you know what Mr. oh so important, we going to take even longer now, who do you think you are? Slowly we make our way to the side door, and I notice one of the guy’s from the pit on stage right is giving out plectrums…I rush over, no luck, they all gone…..but, never missing a chance I give him a badge, actually two…you never know who will check it out!! We all agree that it was another superb gig……. Masses of people join in the race to get to the trains…..somewhere along the line I loose Alice, Robyn and Vicky, there is no way you can find them, Nigel and I decide to get on a train and get out of here! We part company a few stops down, but we meet up again next Thursday as Neil and I have both won tickets to see Rich Robinson at the o2 Islington next Thursday. Once I have reception on my phone again I text the girls to say I’m on the way back to the car, when I get there Robyn’s car is still there. I wait until I get an answer, she says they a bit behind me and I should just go……I do that, just as soon as scraped the ice of both our cars. How I wish I had a ticket for tomorrow……..but I did love every minute of today, even the stress attack this morning! Roll on 25th February…..

When I got home I was still buzzing, no point trying to go to sleep, I switch on the computer…just in case I missed something. Wow, there is a message that someone left a comment on my blog! OMG, it’s from a guy called Martin, he found my badge…result….lol!


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

4 responses »

  1. Martina says:

    Great as usual !!! Keep on and roll on the 25th of feb ….. Berlin !!!

  2. Sam says:

    If you’d like to share your photos with us at http://thethirdbar.com/ let us know!

  3. Caragh says:

    Hey, Stef! I don’t know if you remember but I met you in the que for this gig! with my friend, Beth. hahah, I was the one that was pretty excited for Everything Everything! But yeah! I won tickets to see The Vaccines at the 100 Club and I saw you! we were gonna come over and say hi, but we didn’t want to loose our place at the front. but I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 x

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