Tribes tonight, in Brighton at the Concord 2, a new venue yet again, not a new band though. This will be my 4th time to see the Tribes, a band with great potential as far as I’m concerned.
Neil, Kathy, Martina and I are off to Brighton, maybe we will be early enough to have some Fish and Chips, you have to really at the sea side.
The drive down isn’t too bad at all, and as it isn’t the most glorious weather the seafront seems a little deserted. We find the venue, right by the sea front, only about 4-5 people in the queue, so we decide to have a little wonder on the beach, the car will stay parked right outside the venue, next to a vehicle that looks suspiciously like a tour bus!
We wander down to the pebbled beach , take a lot of silly photos and after a short while decide it’s time to get in that queue. As the car is right next to the venue we can leave unwanted stuff in the car and join the queue. More people have arrived meanwhile, youngsters mainly, but that is to be expected!
We get talking to the girl behind us, her name is Morgan, originally from Canada studying in Paris,  she is wearing the brightest yellow high (very high) heels I have seen in a while. She explained that she had come down from London, to see the Sharks mainly, and couldn’t resist dipping her feet in the (cold) water, and now her flat shoes are soaking wet. Well, we will see how long they stay on her feet.
We don’t have to wait long and the doors open, we go to the box office and get ticked off the list and in we go. What a cute little place, the first part has a bar along the left hand side and benches on the right where the merch stand was set up. Through some doors and another room, maybe a little bigger, with the stage at the far end, a little bar to the right. We get to the front, stage right…lol, actually the width of barrier is so short we are all at the center.

There are 3 bands tonight, The Brute Chorus, Sharks and Tribes, looks like a good line up to me, I’m not heard of the first band, young Morgan assures us the Sharks are brilliant and the Tribes, just one word for them: awesome!

Ok, the first band is on stage, They are certainly different, the bluesy/folk/rock mixed tunes don’t always work for me, but in a strange sort of way I’m really fascinated. One minute I think I really like them just to decide I can’t understand what’s going on in their music, just to be uplifted again, it feels quiet strange but good! I will have to listen to more stuff of theirs and catch them another time. I rarely come across artists were I felt like that, so as far as I’m concerned it’s a good thing. Neil agreed with me, I’m not sure about the other two,but, as I keep saying you can’t all like the same, it would be a boring place if we were.
Brute Chorus, I’m intrigued and I will come back for more!

Next up are Sharks, right let’s be blown away! They obviously have a large following as the venue has now filled out, as far as I know it’s a sold out night, it’s getting tight and hot at the front! Sharks have the crowd rocking and singing in no time, they are talented and we are enjoying their set. You can see they are at home on stage, they use the available space, interact with the fans getting everyone involved. I was told this band has been around for a while, why did I never hear of them? This has to change! Morgan has joint us at the front and surprise surprise her yellow shoes got kicked off, it was only a matter of time. I will have to invest in their album, I’m feeling a little left out while other fans sing along and cheer when a song is announced. The crowd is very young I have to say but so far they seem in good spirits and considerate.
Sharks, you did it for me, and my fellow frontrowers seem happy too!

Next up Tribes, yes, the crowd is moving in closer, it’s getting hot and sticky and I have a feeling it will get a little wild, hopefully we’ll be ok, as we are right at the end of the barriers. We have been chatting to the photographer, apparently his wife bought him a fancy camera at some point, and now he just takes photos of band for fun and I’m sorry to say I’m not sure who he is writing for, Brighton Noise possibly.
The boys came onto stage to a deafening sound of shouts and clapping, much anticipation fills a small venue. The boys start with “whenever”, which captures the audience within seconds, I don’t think it matter now what they play, everybody is hooked and , moshpits are forming, youngsters are jumping all over the place, singing along in and out of tune…..the air is electric!
There are two young guys next to me, keeping themselves to themselves, obviously liking each other a lot, until something happens and suddenly we had common ground! Somebody behind me, a girl I think, gets carried away and her pint of beer gets spilled over one of the young men and myself. My hair is soaking, half of my t-shirt….grrrrr, I know it happens, but I so dislike the smell of beer and now I will have to bear it until I get back home much much later. I never quite understood, why you would have a drink in your hand and start jumping about spilling it, money to burn?? At least it broke the ice with my fellow frontrowers :-). There is an irritating Chinese looking woman in the pit, first I thought she was one of the official photographers, 3 songs in and they gone, but no, not this one! She stayed, and every time she was ask to leave she got back in there, I guess being extremely short helped! I wasn’t sure if I should be amused or annoyed…..some people just get away with murder!
This is the first date of Tribes UK tour and they are buzzing,  favourites “Sappho” and Himalaya” sends the room into a frenzy, maybe just that bit too much, but I guess that is youngsters for you, I must say the crowd isn’t the nicest crowd I ever experienced. Neil had moved back to lean against a wall and Martina moved closer to the security guard who did look after her. Otherwise the security people let the crowd do pretty much as they pleased.
At some point Johnny comes down to the barriers to say hello to the crowd. Poor Johnny, he nearly falls off the steps by being pushed by so many reaching young girls hands, they literally try and tear the clothes of his body! When he makes his way back to the stage Johnny does look rather untidy…..that must have been a touch scary!
You know what, Johnny, Dan, Jim and Miguel have come a long way since I saw they at High Wycombe Student Union gig, I’m pleased, I had a feeling then that they might just make it all the way!
The encore of course was “We were Children”, you couldn’t help but join in the singing and dancing, wow, this gig left me exhausted, smelling of beer but happy!
Before they went of the stage Johnny was saying something about catching them at the merch stand, yay, I brought along my CD inlet, just in case!
The security guys asher us out, not in a friendly manner though.
We went to hang around at the merchandise stand, quite a few people did! I spotted one of the members from The Brute Chorus, I went over for a chat, but I’m not sure he liked what I said…lol, something like: I think I really enjoyed your music, just got confused sometimes, it felt like some bits of some songs just didn’t belong together……They should be pleased, it got them noticed and people talk about them! That is a good thing!
I go over to the merch stand, I get same badges for my bag and a wristband, I ask the young man taking my money if the boys will show to sign things. He said he wasn’t sure but he could pop backstage to get something signed for me…..yes please! I pass him my CD inlet and off he goes!
Meanwhile the security guards are getting really annoying and basically shove you out the door,  I told him I was waiting for the young man to come back, but he wasn’t interested! I muttered under my breath ” must be because I’m not Chinese” (sorry tiny Chinese girl from the pit)….ooopppss, he heard me and is not pleased at all! I try and hover inside the doors as long as possible, and just then the young man comes running back with my CD cover all signed! I was meaning to catch his name, but all I could do was shout thank you and out the door I was.  Neil had gone to get a poster of the wall and they wouldn’t let him back in, so we lost him for a little while, were was he? Kathy, Martina, Morgan and I were hanging around (just in case one of them shows), and then Neil appears, I’m not too sure he has been feeling his best, and having to lean way back on a wall (because the security guards didn’t want him leaning on the wall near the front?) doesn’t exactly improve his enjoyment!
While we hang around and wait I have a bit of a t-shirt moment with a man standing in the crowd! You know that ” I have a Tribes t-shirt, you have a Tribes t-shirt we must be fans” without saying anything…lol! Anyway, he comes over for a chat, asking how we liked them and stuff! We told him that we came down from Buckinghamshire and this is the fourth time I’ve seen them. Then we find out he is Dan’s dad, what is it with me and Dad’s, I seem to meet quite a few of them! And a proud Dad he is, and so he should! He calls Dan over, I think he was talking to other family members, introduces us and we get a chance to have photo’s taken with him! Brilliant! A lot of people are about, so we say goodbye and leave them to it! It was a great night!
Tribes boys, you should make an effort and come and meet your fans, we would really like that!!


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

4 responses »

  1. Martina Weidmann says:

    I was a Great Trip to Brighton …. ( have never been there ) thank you Jana for the t Shirt … Really for me they were good but for mes bit loud and the fans too wild ! But enjoyed the eve!

  2. Morgan Kleinsasser says:

    Hey Stef!! I finally found your pin in the bottom of my suitcase! I was so worried I had lost it! I absolutely loved the article!! (I feel so special I was mentioned!) what a great read! 🙂 hope you’re doing well! Cheers!
    Xo – Morgan

    • FrontRowStef says:

      Hello Morgan, so great to hear from you! How could I not mention the yellow! All is good here, are you back in Canada or still in Paris? Hugs..x

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awe!! Yes I’m back in Canada now. It’s nice to be home but I’m not getting to see any cool rock shows! haha Hope you’re doing good! 🙂

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