Vintage Trouble, I don’t really know this band, but Neil assures me they are brilliant! I was supposed to see them last year, but couldn’t make it for some reason, so here is my second chance; they are playing at the Bush Hall tonight.
I do love the Bush Hall as a venue, it’s beautiful and small, it has been a while since I have been though, 2009 for a band called Vagabond (they split meanwhile, lead singer Alex Vargas is doing solo gigs now).

We parked the car off the Uxbridge road and took the Bus (207) which stopped more or less outside the Bush Hall, somehow I didn’t expect a queue, but one started to form, there were about 12 people in front of us, not too bad!
Right in front of us is a young girl and her Dad I presume, she has killer heels on, I wonder how long she will last in those! I can see why she wore them, she needs the height! Earlier in the day I exchanged text messages with Stephanie, who I met in the queue for Placebo, we were hoping to catch up over coffee, and it’s not looking hopeful 😦  While we were waiting in the queue we could see some of the band members hanging around outside, talking to people and getting stuff out the van parked nearby. I don’t really know them well enough to approach them, so I just take a sneaky photo. A little while later I see Steph coming along the road, oh, it is nice to see her, a quick hello, hugs and introduction to her Boyfriend Leon, and he seems a nice guy! We haven’t really got time to catch up, so we promise each other to catch up over coffee soon.

Right, time to go inside, awww, I forgot how nice the Bush Hall is, I love the art-deco décor, it’s a bit like an old fashion Ballroom, there is a bar upstairs and you can look down from what appears to be a balcony, great place.
We manage to get a space at stage left; again there isn’t much of a frontrow, only space for a handful of people, and no barriers, you more or less on the stage.
To my right the support, DJ Eddie, has set up his decks, and he is playing vinyls, class! He plays oldies, well known tracks and soon has the audience involved, singing along and getting into a chilled good mood. Eddie was on from 8-9pm, and in that time the room really filled up. I saw the young girl from the queue outside, and yes, the heels have been dumped…lol, but I couldn’t quite understand how they ended up a couple of rows behind us; I guess the bar was too much of a lure for Dad! Right next to Neil are a group of people, I have a feeling they think they are just that bit better/funnier/prettier than the rest of us, one of them a photographer (pretend one??) does actually manage to stand on Neil’s foot without noticing….nice!!! When DJ Eddie was playing some fifties stuff the “posh” girls were getting really loud and kind of strutting their stuff, I’m afraid to me it seemed more like a touch of showing off and making sure everybody can see that they ARE having a good time! I found them loud, disrespectful and a pain in the neck…..oh dear, showing my age again!! 😉

It is getting really busy now, it is starting to get hot and sticky, loads of bodies have now squeezed in, you can literally feel the excitement of the waiting people. And there they are, Vintage Trouble, Ty, Nalle, Rick and Richard, over from Los Angeles, their genre: rhythm & blues, soul…..and you can tell straight away they really love what they do. From the first song the room is filled with electricity, this music is amazing, you can’t help but dance!  They sound a little dated but at the same time refreshingly new… just can’t help but love these guys. Ty is a great front man, greets the fans with the words: “Hello Trouble Makers”, “great to be here, I know LA would be jealous”…….we are love love loving it, these guys are brilliant, no surprise there then that they sold out two nights! “Gracefully” what a beautiful song, full of feeling, it is becoming my favourite fast! In fact I could swear I saw TY turn his back to the audience a couple of times because he had tears in his eyes. And then there is “you better believe” the smiles on the band faces are infectious, and this IS feel-good-music…..
At some point I turned back to see if Neil was ok, I caught a gimps of the young girl from the queue stuck in the back, I told Neil to tell her to come to the front, she is only little so she won’t be obstructing my view, judging by the look on her face she was really happy to be that close to the band.
This is a brilliant show and as always it ends far too soon! They come back for an encore……, and then it’s time to say good night!
And just as I was going to take the set list in front of me the woman next to me snatched it, I looked at her and wondered why, as she had one in front of her, to her credit she picked it up and passed it to me. Ahhh, I see, water or something was spilled on it and she wanted the immaculate one. Well, I don’t care, foot prints, stains and tears make them just a little more interesting for me :-). I ask the young girl what her name is, Charlotte, she loved the show!  Looking around for her Dad, he seemed to have disappeared, she looked a bit worried, we hang around to make sure she is ok, and after a phone call she went. We made our way out of the Bush Hall, Neil was pointing at the Merch stand, Ty and Richard were there! I got in line to get my set list signed, Richard the drummer was really sweet, we had a chat and I gave him one of my badges, he spotted mine and said to one of the people selling the merch to give me one as it needs to go on my bag!! Thank you Richard, it is firmly attached to my bag!
Neil had spotted the other band members in the hall, so I went back to get the remaining signatures and went home a happy girl.

Vintage Trouble, thank you for an awesome evening, this won’t be the last time I see you!!

PS: I learned later on that Rick’s Bass guitar was stolen from the Bush Hall, which I just find absolutely disgusting, who are those people that think they have the right to take something that isn’t theirs? Please see my deliberate mistake: it was pointed out to me by Allan (thank you) that Rick’s Bass was actually stolen in Canada/ Montreal rather than London…..still, it’s inexcusable!
Still read the message below that was posted by Vintage Trouble a few days later…..all is not lost, there are still decent human beings in the world!!

Sometimes INCREDIBLE goodness comes out of seemingly awful life situations. For those familiar with our stolen Bass saga…thanks to SO MUCH LOVE and effort by the #TroubleMaker Community to raise awareness of the story as well as the amazing work from within the VT team and management, FENDER has not only sent Rick a replacement bass identical to the one he lost…but they have now officially endorsed us worldwide. MASSIVE THANKS to Fender GuitarMcGhee Entertainment and #TroubleMakers everywhere! YOU made all the difference...”


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

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  1. Martina says:

    Well there are nice People in this World …. Although the Bad ones will get their Share of badness !!! I believe in Justice !

  2. Allan says:

    Great review, I’ve seen VT many times and they’ve never been less than amazing. For me, the best live act around at the moment for a feel good show. In the UK now for the next 2 months. Check the website for dates.

    Small point, Rick’s bass was stolen in Canada, Montreal I believe. The endorsement from Fender is just brilliant.

  3. Stef, thanks for such an awesome review! xx VT

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