Bad Manner again today, this time in Brighton!! Neil had a rough time in Reading, so it has to be repeated…can’t have a bad time at a Bad Manners gig!!

We were going to make a day of it as our friend Jana had also organised a spot of Sedgeway and Zorbing, I’m a little dubious about the hamsterball, small spaces and all that, but I will see how it goes. When we finally found the place we discovered that it was in fact closed. We inquried at the little cafe place next to it and the lady told us that due to the bad weather the owner shut it. She managed to get hold of him on the phone, and after a little discussion it was agreed he would still honor the booking for any time it suits us. We decided to explore Brighton, and grab some food before we go off to see Bad Manners, but first we wanted to move the car as the multi story parking is very expensive. We drove to Maderia drive just to find out the road was closed due to the London – Brighton vintage car run, which ended there. We managed to come into madria drive from the other end and park more or less outside the Concorde 2.
On our way into town we stay and watch the cars arrive, some real classic ones and some you can still see on the road, hmmmm, couple of years and I could take part in it with Fruxi (my car).
We arrive at La Tasca to have lunch/dinner, loads of little tapas dishes and a jug of Sangria, oh dear, I will have to drink most of it as neil is driving today, I cope, somehow ;-). Andy our waiter is lovely, nothing is too much trouble, I must say, La Tasca Brighton has been the best of my La Tasca experiences so far. At some point I looked up, from my seat I could see the hustle and bustle in the street, I thought I saw a naked person on a bicycle, I took a double take……yes, there are many, how brilliant! Later we found it was the Brighton Naked Bike Ride that happens every year and in many cities!

We get back to the venue at about 17:30, nobody is there yet, we move the car so we can keep an eye on the entrance as its raining, not even the barriers have been put out yet. Finally there is movement, musicians are arriving and we watch the guard putting out the barriers, I don’t understand why he is putting the queue in the rain instead a little bit further in under the roof. I decide to go and ask him….hmmmm, his answer: this is the smoking area….ok, let’s queue in the rain and get soaking wet, good plan!!!! We decide to start the queue, well, a couple of girls from Croydon were here first, we don’t bother with the actual laid out queue but stay under the sheltered bit. More people arrive and they start queuing behind us, nobody wants to get wet. I love the mix of people that are here, bovverboots, Bad Manners T-shirt, young and old! Suddenly a dog comes charging out of the venue, it is Buster’s dog, one of the Croydon girls manages to catch him and takes him back in.
Right, it’ time to go inside, there are 5 bands tonight, which means we didn’t need to wait too long 🙂

The first band on stage is called The Pukes, 14 members crammed on the small stage, 12 females of all ages, most of them playing a Ukulele, they are fun and lively, playing covers like: Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedy. I think they did a great show, brought loads of energy and an element of “I don’t care what you think of us” feeling, just like a punk band should! I can’t help but think most members have done the “being grown ups /bringing up a family” and decided to start again and indulge in some punk rock!!! Good for you guys, we certainly enjoyed your show, a great start for the evening.

Next band up is The Meow Meows, a 9 piece band from Brighton. Wow, someone turned the volume up,I had to use my earplugs, shame, it just puts me off from the start. They describe themselves as soul/ska/garage, I have to say, they don’t grab me at all 😦
One of the female sax players is brilliant, I do like her performance. There are 2 female singers, and I think it’s the voice of one of them that I can’t deal with. Sorry guys you are just not for me, I kind of switched off half way through.

Max Splodge is next, now, he looks fun, and when he started his set with “Nelly the elephant” he had the ever growing audience in the palm of his hand. He delivers a great performance, drinking cans of beer and crunching the empty ones on his head, he is rude and loud, this punk/pop band is definitely creating the right atmosphere for the evening. Where else do you see grown men sing loudly to “Nelly..”, “Two pints of Lager” and the cover of “Two little boys”? I think Max once played with the Angelic Upstarts, I had the pleasure of seeing them last year at the Garage in London. A couple of girls from The Pukes joined him on stage for “Suicide girl”, I actually think some of the musicians played in most of the bands tonight! Loved Splodgenessabound, bring on the next band!

Piranhas are next, of course we all know their cover of “Tom Hark”, originally by Jack Lerole. I’m glad to that this band carries on keeping the audience captivated, involved and above all dancing. The venue has now filled up, I spot a young girl right at the center of the barrier, she looks like she is enjoying herself, dressed the part and dancing along, great to see youngster enjoying “real” music. Great energy is being projected off the stage, guitars rubbed on the mic stand and against the bass guitar to produce the desired sounds. I love their dress sense too, suits and stripy t-shirts, bloody awesome, definitely want to see them again! And yes, I managed to get the set list, the photographer snatched it of the stage for me. 🙂

Quick loo break before Buster Bloodvessel makes an appearance. Yay, result, there is a queue for the boy’s toilet, we girls like that, a lot!!!! all the girls that come in to the loo are commenting on it…..”a queue for the boys…”…lol I get chatting to a couple of girls, one mentions how hot it is and that she is mad to still attend gigs like that “I’m 40” she says, I say I’m well past that, “I’m 50” I respond, third lady laugh “I’m past that”……so there you have it, you never to old to enjoy a good gig!!!
I’m back at the frontrow just in time for Bad Manners to start, the musicians appear first, start playing an intro and finally the main man Buster Bloodvessel arrives on the stage to a huge welcome of clapping and screaming, wearing one of his wonderfully hilarious outfits, the leopard print shorts and jacket. Lunging straight into the first song “My girl Lollipop”, this is enough, the crowd belongs to him and he could play whatever he likes now. It was the same as in Reading not long ago, absolute dance mania going on, the young girl in the front is loving it, her father now behind her to protect her from the moshing. It’s getting hot in here, tracks like “Special Brew” and “Lip up Fatty” stokes the fire or better whips the audience into a frenzy. We all chanting”… fat bastard….” and Buster promptly woobles his now not so fat tummy, sticks out his massive tongue just to be confronted with yet more chanting and roars of admiring laughter. I catch sight of the young girl again, she looks like she is struggling with all the moshing going on, I gesture to her Dad to see if she wanted to come in front of me, away from the center, first she says no, and then she decides to join Neil and me after all. This is better, I managed to create a space for her and Neil, and we are all happy now, her dad is behind us ready to fend off any over enthusiastic moshers……lol. Some young women that where next to me and behind me also got caught up in the frenzy, a couple moved away, the others emerged themselves into the mania. One of the Sax-player goes for a crowd surf and in true Buster fashion Mr. Bloodvessel turns round, dropped his trouser and did a moonie…..cheeky!!!! As always the gig ended far too soon, “CanCan” was the last song of the encore, and that was it!  The young girl was reunited with her Dad, we are all dripping with sweat,……WOW, what a brilliant evening…….again!!!!!!
I did feel a bit sorry for the security guard again, he was on his own dealing with all the badly behaved grown-up, lol, he did a great job though, and he was very friendly and helpful as well, so much so that I had to go and tell him on the way out.

We made our way outside, and oh my god, it was pouring, raining cat’s and dog’s….but feeling so hot and sweaty it was quite refreshing! On the way to the car we passes a waterfall of rain emerging from the roof, people walked around it to avoid it…….but I had a better idea, let’s cool off….lol, and cold it was! I had a change of clothes in the car, so I didn’t have to stay in my wet clothes…….


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

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  1. neil says:

    Sorry to break my promise, but I just wanted to say this is a great piece , probably the best one you have written.

  2. Martina says:

    I remember well at the gig in London!!! Enjoyed it ! Got pushed and showed arround though ! Good experience !

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