Here we go, day two at Weston Park! (I think this one may be a bit shorter…hehhehehe)
Despite the fact I’m not good in tents we slept rather well!! Our tent is nice and spacious and tall, so this is the way forward!
Looking out it’s not friendly weather, drizzling :-(.
I go off in search for coffee and breakfast, maybe even a newspaper, while Martina keeps house…hehehehhe, no change there then! On my return we settle down with coffee and rolls and start making a plan for the day ahead! We will stay till the morning, rather than pack up now and drive through the night! Must have dozed off again at some point as when I woke up it was nearly lunchtime, oh the freedom of doing nothing, lovely! Looking out it’s still raining :-(, we stay and wait. Martina decided to spend the majority of today on the viewing platform; yesterday was rather exhausting for her!

We can hear The Proclaimers playing; actually we can hear them really well! Today we will take it easy as we had our highlights yesterday and are happy to just soak in the atmosphere. Finally the rain stops! We get ready and make our way to the arena, yesterday we didn’t get a chance to look around either, so we want to stop and look at the stalls and Merch stand. People are already leaving the campsite, as we are walking away a car stops and asks if we are staying, “yes”, Oh do you want these 5 beer tokens? We are going now! We take them from him hoping to be able to exchange them for soft drinks, you never know, there is £17 worth of beer, shame we don’t drink beer!
By the time we reached the arena, after looking at the stalls, buying Martina some flowers for her hair and of course the festival t-shirt, water and food, Rodrigo Y Gabriella has taken to the stage. They sound pretty damn awesome, you just want to dance along to their tunes, which we do, must be looking quite a sight! Grabbing some food, dipping into a couple of music tents to have a look……so many people everywhere….hahhaha, yesterday we were totally oblivious to it all. We decide to makeour way to the viewing platform at the main stage, walking past the stage we can see that Emile Sande is now performing, I’m sorry to say that she has one of those voices I just don’t like. Finally we managed to push our way through the crowd to the platform, the staff there are just the nicest people, the lady on the gate explains to us that it is amazingly busy today, she hasn’t seen it like this in ages. She let’s us in anyway and once Emile Sande was finished people moved around again, that meant we could claim a chair and Martina basically settled for the rest of the day!

It didn’t take long for James Morrison to take the stage, we had a perfect view, I still can’t believe how many people are there! I’m so glad Martina and I can see James Morrison, we missed him last year at the iTunes Festival (even though I had tickets) and she couldn’t make it to Kew the Music. At the intro for “Broken Strings” people seem to be losing concentration, but as soon as he sang the first few words many people sang along, amazing! I felt he was performing from the depths of his heart, a soulful voice, if you closed your eyes you could be transportedinto which ever world you wanted to be in. The crowd went mental, a real good show for an afternoon soiree. And it just carried on throughout his set, another of my  favourite songs is “You give me Something”, which was another crowdpleaser! Martina and I loved James Morrison and had pangs of regret not being at the frontrow, next time!

Keane was due on the main stage next, I had agreed with Martina to abandon her a little while as I wanted to catch Newton Faulkner on the Arena Stage. When I got there the previous band had finished and the front row was already packed. This area seems to be on a slope which dipped in the middle, so I stay back on the highest point, which gave me damn fine view. The stage had the familiar set up, carpet, globe and one-man-band equipment, it didn’t take long for Newton to appear, and yes I must confirm at this point: “EVERYBODY HAS TO LOVE NEWTON”, he is just amazing. The tent has filled up and yes, tall bloke in front, there are far toomany tall blokes about hahhahahaha! At some point a big built security guard positioned himself right in front of me, noooooo, he turned round and smiled posing for a photo. Yes, 90% of staff I have come across so far are really lovely. Back to Newton, looking around I can tell there is a lot of love being passed around, most people I can see know the lyrics and happily sing along “….♫♪…brick by brick by brick…♫..”! I only intended to stay for a few songs, but couldn’t tear myself away; I stayed till the very end! Love love love Newton ♥

I rushed back to Martina, but she is quite happy and enjoyed Keane! Looking at the main stage a big banner has been pulled up, it’s Example next, now, I do like a bit of Example. I make my way down to mingle with the crowd, there isn’t enough space for jumping up and down on theplatform, and you’ve got to be joining in to feel the full effect!! As soon as the music started the vibe was amazing, people singing, jumping, dancing, head shaking and all hands in the air! I’m having a laugh with a few young girls that are next to me, we link arms and are making complete fools of ourselves, yes, that is called festival spirit! We can hear Example calling out “who can jump the highest, come on Weston Park”, that man is certainly on fire today! From Martina’s view point it must look amazing, like ants scrabbling about. I’m knackered but feeling good!!! The group of girls decide to move into the crowd a bit more, I’m not, liking the space I have here! Just before they are off, I offer them the beer tokens, I won’t use them and the youngsters are more than happy to take them off my hands. I’m glad they found a good home! Let’s party on. Checking back on Martina, making sure she has enough food and drink I’m on the move again!

Back to the Arena stage, my son in law told me Gossip is pretty good, so I want to check her out. When I get to the tent it’s packed and hot and sticky! I hover around the edges and have alisten, bantering with some intoxicated random people, as long as they’re harmless I really don’t mind, it’s the aggressive ones that I can’t deal with. Gossip, I’m afraid she is not for me, I decide to move on to catch a little Noel Gallagher on the main stage.
Not being the greatest fan of Noel I hang around for a while and decide to go in search of the 4Music stage, Friendly Fires are about to play.  It is a bit of a mission to find it, but I do discover the “secret” entry to a whole new world after asking I don’t know how many people, and most of them waved their arms about pointing in some random direction. So that is something V-Fest could add, good sign posts to all the stages. I do find it finally and timed it right, the stage is just being set, I do stay back tough as I don’t want to abandon Martina for too long. I’m watching yet another group of young girls covering themselves with fluorescent paint, love the fact they are having such a great time….they notice me watching, smile and allow me to take a photo, hope you come across my blog and find it girls, it came out well!
Friendly Fires are about to start, somebody taps on my shoulder, oh, it’s the young man we got talking to at the Stranglers set. He tells me his Festival story so far and cracks me up: Apparently after the Stranglers he got separated from his friends, having far too much alcohol didn’t help finding them again. He decided to give up and carry on with the party, basically having a great time. He wasn’t sure where he slept but once he sobered up was found/or found his way back to the tent. Needless to say his wife and friends were NOT impressed and he has been placed under strict instructions to not move further than a metre out of sight……hahahhaha, you should have been there when he told the story! I could spot his wife too, she didn’t look happy! Let’s face it, I found it funny but if I would have been the wife, god help him! Still it didn’t look like it dampened his enjoyment!  A silly photo is taken and we are ready for some music!
Oh yes, the boys are as brilliant as I remember them! Playing songs like “Lovesick“, “Live those days Tonight” and of course “Hawaiian Air“, Ed Macfarlane wears me out just watching him, somuch energy, he is brilliant!!
I leave a little before the finish to avoid the rush, spotted a cluster of food places at the top of the hill.

Why didn’t I find this place earlier? Yummy food, still too expensive, but at least not the nasty burger and chips kind, I call Martina to see if she is hungry, but she is making her way back to the tent, she is knackered!! I grab a venison burger, sit down to enjoy it and do a little people watching! On my descent I stop a while to listen to David Guetta, I’m in the right mood for a bit of dancing and I’m loving the light show. Dancing back to the exit I make my way to the main stage, but Martina has already gone :-(, I stay to watch a bit of the Stone Roses, but I can’t get into them, I guess I’m tired too!
Grabbing some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…….did that bloke just pee on the ice cream van?…..I make my way back to the tent.  Sitting and listening into the night eating ice cream is great, and at the very end we manage to watch the fireworks, this is it, V-Festival is over. Are we glad we came? Oh yes, there is so much more I could say………I will just have to keep it all in my head!!


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

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