Right, let the iTunes Festival commence!!! I love the festival, love the Roundhouse and I love Camden! All three put together spells perfection to me, now, let’s see how lucky I’m this time! 🙂
As I mentioned in the Scouting For Girls blog I didn’t go to see Ed Sheeren, and I have regretted it to the this day!!iTunes2012
I was supposed to have coffee with friends so instead of staying in London I went back home, just to learn later that everybody in the standby queue got in….and……no other than Mr. Gary Lightbody joined him on stage! Enough said!!!! I’m still kicking myself! 😦

Olly Murs, 3/09/12
I had got myself free tickets for ‘Missing Andy’ at the Barfly today, I still haven’t got back into them after the way they behaved towards me! I’d Olly Mursthought I give it another try and see if I could like them again. Arriving at Chalk Farm and seeing the queue for Olly Murs we decided to try and get in there instead! I did rather enjoy his set at V-Festival. We managed to get in just before 9pm, you tend to miss the support band on standby, but hey, I can deal with that. We didn’t have to wait long for Olly, yes, he is still as entertaining as I remember! Cheeky, suggestive and just really sweet. The set was similar to the V-Fest one, the festival medley, male dancers…but doing press-ups on stage was different! Go Olly go…..all in all, a brilliant evening, well worth missing Missing Andy for …hehehehehe!

Plan B, 4/09/12
We decided to try our luck again today in the standby queue, as we watched many people being turned away yesterday due to no ID or the ID and ticket didn’t match. They are being really tough this year which is great, I hate the fact that people make loads of money out of free tickets. My guess is that this is also the reason why we can’t give them away or swap them anymore. :-(. Anyway, we managed to get in again, but had to go Plan Bupstairs and stand right at the top, not a bad view though.  We got talking to a young couple from Croyden, the young man was also in a band, but the shame was they had to leave before the end to catch a train home. Plan B was very good, lively and a brilliant show, the flares of fire on the edge of the stage to “Playing with Fire” was very impressive. Again, glad we managed to get in!

Elbow, 7/09/12
elbowAnd again we decide to join the standby queue! There is a lot of talk about Elbow but a couple of years ago I bought their CD and I didn’t like it at all, I ended up giving it away. So here I’m giving it another go. We managed yet again to get in but it was such a shame we missed ‘Bat for Lashes’, I would have loved to see her. I had won tickets for her in 2009 but was ill and couldn’t go! One day I will catch her!!What can I say about Elbow?  The first half was ok but then I got bored, to be honest, I still don’t enjoy them. Looking around plenty of people do, so all is well!!

Jack White, 8/09/12
Today we are using our first winning tickets, well, David’s winning ticket :-). Jack White, he was on our wishlist of artists to see…so yay, really Band of Horseslooking forward to it. We queued as early as possible to secure a spot on the barriers, and it looked like we were in with a good chance. The security staff are great and teasing us for being here again, and they do recognise me from last year and the year before! 😉 We manage to secure a spot on the barriers, stage left between a couple of youngsters and a father and son from St.Albans. I do love iTunes festival, as it exposes people to music they wouldn’t normally go and see. The support band today is ‘Bands of Horses’, they sound quite good on the radio, but here they were far, far too loud and you couldn’t Jack White Techiemake out any lyrics. So no thumbs up from me here!
We watched as the stage was prepared for Jack White, and all the technicians wore suits and ties, very civilised…lol! Just before Jack was about to come on stage one of the technicians asked the audience not to take photos but to enjoy the gig. There will be plenty of photos on Jack’s site for free download. That sounds like a good deal to me. (I never saw any photos nor did I get reply for my message)
Eventually Jack arrives on stage to a very appreciative crowd, what an amazing musician! Everything is in a black and white theme and he is Jack Whiteplaying the first half of the set with the “boy band” which I do find a bit too loud. There seems to be no set list, he is making it up as he goes, lol, I can see him telling his fellow band members what I assume is the next title. He doesn’t do much talking in between songs, just one great song after another. Half way through his band changes to the girls, oh the sound is sooo much better!! Some people still take photos :-(, I must admit, I do take a sneaky one with my mobile when Jack is right in front of me on the piano. This was  a brilliant concert, I’m really happy to have been able to attend.

The Killers 11/09/12
It’s the Killers today, I didn’t win tickets which is a shame, but I just saw them at V-Fest and at the Radio 2 recording at the Forum the night before, mustn’t be too greedy…lol! Still we decided to jump into the standby queue, you never know. When we got to the Roundhouse both queues were already pretty massive :-(, one of the security guards saw me coming and laughed “you of all people should know better when to be here..” She has a point…lol! We join the queue and wait…and wait….and wait! Chatting to people around us, one girl Andrea is very funny, she told us that as she lives near she tries most days to get in. After what seemed forever we were told that the venue is full and there will be no chance to get in, we watch as even ticket holders get turned away. They are complaining bitterly, but it does state on the ticket that it doesn’t guarantee entry and you have to be there before 8pm. Still people are getting angry :-(. I do have to say at this point the security staff are amazing, calm and friendly, dealing with the crowd perfectly. We overhear as people get told that they could exchange their tickets for another gig, Madness or Muse. That is really nice, but doesn’t give us much hope of winning tickets, those two are on my wish list!!! Eventually we decide to leave and go to have dinner at Nandos!

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, 12/09/12
Today’s tickets I won 🙂 and a few more, I’m a lucky girl, but then I have found different places to win tickets, not just iTunes FB!  Enough said!! I The Soundtrack of Our Livesdidn’t really fancy seeing Noel, but I knew David wanted to see him, so here I am, hoping to hide my “how much longer” face (and that is before it started…lol). Once we were let in, got our wristbands had the “you again?” We made our way upstairs. we managed to squeeze in next to a tiny Japanese girl, a couple of youngsters moved up a little saying “there is enough room for all of us”. The Japanese girl told us she has only recently arrived in the UK to improve her English and when she found out Noel was playing here she had to try and get in as he has been her hero since she was a little girl. Her luck was in, she found someone to take her in as a plus one!Swedish fan
The support band ‘The Soundtrack of Our Lives’ was a little odd, a bit like my most unliked band Spiritualized, random talking in between, things like “where is the rock’n’roll”…good question…lol! The Lead singer had a Demis Roussos resemblance, maybe not quite that big! There is one definite fan in the crowed, waving a Swedish flag all the time! Sorry guys, you didn’t do it for me.
Finally it is time for Mr. Noel , and it may pain me to say, I can’t believe what I’m hearing, he is brilliant! What? I don’t like Noel Gallagherthe guy…..and now I find myself loving the concert. His performance is flawless, his banter is funny, I can’t help but being swept away by his brilliance! Oh dear, what is happening to me? lol! Noel picks out a youngster in the crowd, telling him: ” You are too young to have been there”, must be one of his gigs years ago, he also sets eyes on the Japanese girl next to us ” got no school tomorrow?”, I bet he thinks she is just a child being so tiny. She doesn’t care though, Noel spoke to her, I can see tears welling up, actually that happened from the point Noel stepped on stage, even more though when Noel announces he will sing a song for the young girl! Happy, I don’t think that is Noel Gallagherenough to describe her feelings…lol! Noel also sings a song for his wife and completely ignores the strange guy behind us who is still frantically waving the Swedish flag, annoying most people around him. Oh well, it takes all sorts!! “Don’t look back in Anger” does of course bring the house down, at times he also has a full choir behind him…wow… far too soon it’s all over and Mr. Gallagher has a new fan!!! The amazing staff have obviously noticed the young girl too and handed her a set list, brilliant! I would have never believed it, but this was an awesome gig, I even bought a t-shirt….!!! Watch the whole show here!

P!nk, 13/09/12
Today’s tickets I did win again, through the support band website this time, thank you very much ‘Walk the Moon’, it is Walk the Moonvery much appreciated :-). When we turned up the Security staff are bantering with me, “You again?” Do you know something nobody else does?” No guys I’m just an extremely lucky person, ask  anybody!!
The queue is rather large already, we were cutting it a bit fine today. Still we got in and aren’t too far away from the stage. Walk the Moon has just arrived on stage,so it was good timing. Not having heard the band before I’m impressed, they are putting on a really good show, I’m just annoyed with people around me who are ignorant and talking all the way through their set. Still I’m enjoying it and the album will be on order!
P!nk arrives on stage, looking like a youngster, wearing a black tutu, leather jacket and some kind of Mohican hairstyle and a huge great big P!nksmile.She starts her show and yes, she is a brilliant singer but it isn’t my kind of music. A couple of songs pull you in and make you dance and even join in with the singing. Her performance is great, she works the whole of the stage, makes eye contact with as many people as possible, looks straight into cameras that are pointed at her, yes, she is definitely a star. There is a young girl behind me who makes me laugh, with every song that is being announced she shrieks “I love that song”, sweet! Earlier on I blew up a green balloon with an LED light inside, it lasted all of 5 minutes, not sure what happened to it 😦

David Guetta, 15/09/12

This set of tickets were the first lot I won, I liked what I saw at V-Festival, so I was looking forward to this gig. My friend Nigel managed to come along too, so as we got in the queue early we sat around near the barriers for a while before taking our space, we were in the second row more or less in the middle.  DJ Burnes was first up and he was ok, a bit boring, why am I here listening to a DJ? There was a bunch of really irritating girls behind us, arrrgghhh….and I fully expected some wild dancing and jumping going on but didn’t count on being drowned in beer. To be honest, that spoilt David Guettsthe night for me. I dislike the smell of beer in any case, and I didn’t appreciate it dripping off my hair and soaking my new camera 🙂 We left Nigel behind and made our way out of the crowd, I went to rinse my hair and dry it off a little, luckily the camera seemed ok. After DJ Burns it was Calvin Harris, again he was just playing some music, and I’m not really in the mood for this any more, I’m finding the crowd really unfriendly.
We decided to try and see if we could change for a seat upstairs, the amazing Roundhouse staff were more than willing to help, wristband exchanged and we make our way upstairs to grab a seat. That’s better!!! David Guetta is in full flow, the light show is amazing, I love all the confetti raining down and for a tiny moment I wish I was back downstairs. But to be honest after a few lively numbers I’m actually bored! Two factors I think, mood got spoiled earlier and maybe, just maybe  I’m getting too old for this kind of music!!! We stay for a while, but decide to leave early, enough is enough!

Example, 17/09/12
Yay, more winning tickets, this time from the lovely Metro people! 🙂 Now I know I will enjoy tonight, having seen Example a few times already I know what to expect. Off to Camden, in the queue “…you again?”…lol, I should find a room for the month. There are a few people in front of us, so we are missing out of the front row, but that’s ok . We decide to lean against the barrier keeping the sound and lighting guys in….lol, it isn’t really that far away, hopefully all the tall people will stand somewhere else today. All I brought along today is my mobile, I know there will be a lot of Hadoukenjumping, I don’t want to be weighed down by my bag! Looking around I’m a little surprised to see a few mature people, we are not the oldest rockers in the house by far!
Hadouken is today’s support band, I have seen their name about but never actually seen them live. They are ok, not blowing me away, but fine for a support band. Now move over…lol!
Example is appearing on stage, yes let’s start the party! Starting with “Stay Awake” and “See the Sea” was all it took, the crowd is ready to go mental! “Laying in the Shadows” love it! And of course a couple of really tall guys managed to find their way in front of me, luckily they moved on a while later to join the moshpit. Example shouting out to make a BIG circle, getting squashed against the back barrier, it didn’t matter, nobody was nasty and people looked out for each other. Watching the massive moshpit I was amazed how the guys didn’t even once Examplerun into any of the girls that took part! Gentlemen in the moshpit, youngsters are not all bad!!!! 🙂 By the time he sang “Natural Disaster” and “Changed the way you Kiss me” it was mayhem, nice mayhem, sweat stained faces, happy smiles and loads of singing and jumping! What an amazing atmosphere, just as I thought it would be, having seen Example here the previous year from the balcony, all I can say is I’m glad I’m down here! As always Elliot, you were fantastic, and I got my hands on the set list!!! Watch the full show here!


About FrontRowStef

Following months of putting in the necessary hours of research, I have been bullied into writing a blog about my gig experiences! I can’t claim in-depth technical musical knowledge, or a massive CD collection, but, I know what I like and what doesn’t sound good in a live setting. I’m not intending to write great reviews about bands, but more of stuff that happen to me while out and about. Like when a dear friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I’m putting my towel down when I hit the barriers at the front and claim my spot with my jacket draped over the railings. What does he mean? Is it because I’m German? Enough introductions, you will get to know me sooner or later! Oh and apparently I’m going to be referred to as Front Row Stef, simply because that is my rightful place!

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  1. Martina says:

    It soooo reminded me of last year ! I wish I would have been there ( just some of them though😄) Noel and olli I liked at v fest ! Good reading !

  2. Bex says:

    Hot Chip Hot Chip Hot Chip 😉 lol

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